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Условия и ред за работа на граждани на трети държави в България
Бизнес и право
година 2019
Брой 1

Условия и ред за работа на граждани на трети държави в България


The Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act contains a number of restrictive measures regarding the access of third-country citizens (outside the EU) to the Bulgarian labour market, which aim to protect both our domestic labour market from unregulated influx of cheap labour and the one in other EU Member States. At the same time, the employment of third-country citizens may in some cases be useful and necessary, such as in the case of highly qualified or seasonal workers. That is why the legislator has regulated the matter flexibly and in detail. This article analyzes the conditions and procedures for permitting access of third-country citizens to the Bulgarian labour market.

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Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act, third-country citizens, Bulgarian labour market
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