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Limits of the Right to Use a Commissioned Computer Program Under Bulgarian Copyright Law
Бизнес и право
година 2018
Брой 2

Limits of the Right to Use a Commissioned Computer Program Under Bulgarian Copyright Law


Computer programs are more than ever positioned centrally in everyday life and their importance is growing constantly. Although the Bulgarian Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act has followed the international and EU tendencies for copyright protection of computer programs, for specific issues there are some discrepancies and lack of clarity. In particular, this is the case with computer programs created under commission agreement. Commission agreements are often used in the software industry as many software developers and engineers are working as freelancers and not under an employment agreement. Although the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act contains a specific provision that regulates the rights of the author and the commissioner, it does not reflect the unique nature of computer programs in terms of economic and moral rights of the author. This article aims to elaborate on the content of the copyright of a computer program created under commission agreement as well as tо analyze the problems with respect to their conclusion and execution.

Ключови думи

Copyright, computer programs, commission agreement, economic rights, moral rights
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