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Банковият надзор като специализиран административен контрол
Business and Law
year 2020
Issue 2

Банковият надзор като специализиран административен контрол

Banking Supervision as a Specific Administrative Control


The article analyses the concept of banking supervision as a specific administrative control. It begins with a brief overview of the two concepts "Bank" and "Banking Business", as legal phenomena determining the Banking Supervision. After this introductory part, the research focuses on the Banking Supervision as a legal institute of Bulgarian positive law. The different legal terminology related to it, used in banking legislation, is also analysed. The theoretical conception divides the generic concept of banking supervision into two specific forms of its addressees. Finally, we pay attention to the Macroprudential Supervision under Art. 79, Para. 2 of the Credit Institutions Act (CIA) and the Supervision of the Financial Institutions under Art. 3a CIA. The study proves that they are independent  legal concepts, beyond the Banking Supervision.


bank, Banking Supervision, Banking Business, Banking System, Credit Institutions
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ISSN (print): 2603-3437
ISSN (online): 2603-3445