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Финансови стимули за създаване на видео игри в България
Business and Law
year 2020
Issue 2

Финансови стимули за създаване на видео игри в България

Financial Incentives for Video Games Development in Bulgaria


Some studies expressly underlined that there is a lack of information about existence of any financial incentives for video games' development in several countries, including Bulgaria. Hence, a conclusion made is that there are no financial incentives in the specified countries at all. With this regard, this article analyses and presents the opportunities for financial support available in Bulgaria for video and computer games developers, including high schools, scholars and scientific organizations - legal entities that carry out researches, etc. By virtue of some financial schemes a state aid could also be granted, following the conduct of a competition procedure and with regards to projects for development of the so-called "serious games", with educational and cultural content; games being "technological innovation", etc. The study goes through some opportunities for private financing of the Bulgarian game industry.


Video Games, Financial Incentives, Serious Games, Scientific Researches' Fund, National Innovation Fund, Group financing, Tax credit, Tax Incentives, Innovative Projects
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ISSN (print): 2603-3437
ISSN (online): 2603-3445